Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm sitting down to write this, and a memory comes to me. A woman had mistaken my pentacle for a Star of David, and asked me if I was Jewish. I told her no, I'm Pagan. Her eyes went really big, she leaned closer, and whispered the following: "Are you a witch?"

Yes, yet again, I'm doing another post on a Pagan related topic. Hey, it is Pagan Values Month!

I have yet to hear of any Pagan who disapproves of magick. In fact, many Pagans are witches! No, I don't mean like an old crone in a pointy hat, bending over a bubbling cauldron whose contents you'd rather not know. And I'm not talking about Harry Potter witches either -- though those witches and wizards are definitely pretty darn cool! I know I'd love to be able to whisper "lumos" and the end of my wand (not that I have one) suddenly start glowing! ...oh, wait, a flash light also does that trick quite well...

The issue I want to address here is whether magick is good or bad. Often times you'll hear about "black" and "white" magick, and even "grey" magick which can go either way. There are those of us who roll our eyes at the "white" and "black" magick stuff. Yes, spells can be used for good or bad, but magick itself is neutral.

I like to compare it to a hammer. What if I take a hammer and I use it to help make a home for a person in need? Is the hammer good then? No. It's simply what I've done with it that's good. And what if I use it to bash someone's head in? The hammer itself isn't bad, it's what I've done that's bad. The hammer, like magick, is neutral. It's simply a useful tool.

ps. magick, spelled with a "k," is a spelling to help differentiate real magick from stage magic. Not all people talking about real magick spell it that way, though, so you have to go by the context to tell what's going on when it's spelled "magic."

pps. The spellchecker doesn't like "lumos" or "magick." :P

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