Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of Uncle Sam and Saturday Market

I heard back from Uncle Sam today about my passport. Guess what? Even though I did exactly as I was supposed to, he claims that I didn't provide enough proof of my ID. And why didn't they tell me that when I talked to the nice lady at the passport office, and she put everything together to mail?

So it wouldn't have made any difference whether or not the passport stuff came in yesterday, since I haven't got a passport.

Anyways...onto a happier topic! :D

I went down to Saturday Market today. I only bought two things: lemonade, and henna. I got the lemonade because I started hiccuping as soon as I got off the MAX (a light rail train, for those non-Portlanders reading this) and I needed to drink something to make them go away. And the henna...well, I have this thing about henna. :) I really like it.

It turned out that this henna artist was doing something I hadn't seen anyone else do before -- she put glitter on the henna, after she finished the design! So now I have a glittering red sun on my arm. Of course, the glitter only lasts until the paste is taken off. But in the meantime, it looks cool.

There was a bagpiper there, dressed in a leisure kilt and a t-shirt that said "Keep Portland Weird." Oh, and he was on a unicycle. I'll say he was definitely doing his share of the work to keep Portland weird! Unfortunately it seems that he was in a place where musicians aren't wanted, because a security guy chased him and a small band away from there.

I'm home now, and I need to do schoolwork. So that's it for now.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

What an interesting day! Now, all I need is to see some glittery pictures ;)