Sunday, June 28, 2009


You know, I had been planning to ignore the passport problem thingy, but my mom has explained to me that that is not a good idea. So, I have finally looked at what Uncle Sam has requested of me.

In addition to five pieces of ID, they want:

School history/info
Work history/info
Family history, including where my family members were born
Everywhere I have lived
Where I was born (let me add, they have yet to return my birth certificate to me)
Some random type stuff, like my social security number, and...
Time and location of baptism

I refrain from comment in general, except for...what the heck does my religious history have to do with anything??? Just for you info -- not that it's any one's business -- I was almost certainly baptized twice, though my parents didn't see it happen. I was born in a Protestant hospital, where the nurses probably baptized me pretty quickly. And my grammie was the type who almost certainly baptized me Catholic in secret, out of concern for my well fare. So, I've likely been baptized two ways -- I'm totally covered, and will totally get into heaven. Whoopee. Is Uncle Sam happy?

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