Saturday, June 13, 2009

Through Pagan Eyes

I'm part of a few Pagan groups on facebook. One day in one of them, someone started a thread titled something like "Yo homies, we should write a book." Well, there isn't a book, but there is now a website called Through Pagan Eyes, with articles about anything and everything Pagan. Sorry, I should say it will have articles. It's only just getting together, and details are still getting hammered out.

This facebook group has Pagans from a wide variety of paths, and more than a few of the people there are real characters. I expect that the articles in Through Pagan Eyes will be fun, as well as informative.

If you're curious about Paganism I suggest checking it out. (While I'm at it I want to also recommend WitchVox. Please note, however, that WitchVox is currently incompatible with the Google Chrome web browser, so if you're using that you're out of luck. D:) If you're already Pagan, I still recommend checking it out. As I said there are a lot of people from a variety of paths; that means a lot of knowledge in the group. I expect that even the most knowledgeable person will learn something new in Through Pagan Eyes.

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