Monday, July 13, 2009

Skagit Valley Highland Games

Excerpts, with a bit of editing (for privacy's sake, grammar's sake, the sake of expounding, etc.), about my weekend at the Skagit Valley Highland Games.

July 11th, 2009 Saturday 8:18pm
Skagit Valley, WA

I am oh so sunburned. I need to start thinking to bring (and use) sun block.

Tall One had three solo competitions, today, none of which he placed in. The problem was that he'd forgotten his sheet music for the piobaireachd (pronounced pee-brok) competition, so he had to sprint to the car to get it, and since he already wasn't feeling well that threw him off. :(

Portland Metro Pipe Band placed first in grade three, and the youth band attached to it placed fourth in grade four.

The weather was absolutely wonderful, though somewhat hot. I went barefoot the whole time. It was funny, because my bare feet somehow stayed fairly clean, whereas other people in sandals managed to get their feet all dirty. We've no idea what the difference was, and I'm still puzzling over it.

Soon after we got there this morning we heard screaming, as though someone had just be injured. I didn't like sitting still being clueless, so a minute or so after it stopped I went to investigate. After a bit of wandering, I was amazed to find that the commotion had been closer to where I'd been than I'd thought.

It turns out that the problem had been with a dog. Dog owner #1 dropped the leash, and dog #1 attacked dog #2. I know that one of the owners intervened and got hurt, and though I think it was dog owner #2, I'm not entirely sure which it was.

Later I was happy to find that there was -- I guess it was a shelter -- trying to get cats and dogs adopted at the games today. I looked at the cats, and to my delight I was allowed to hold one. No, actually it was three I held. :D One of them was quite feisty, and went after my dangle earrings. I got him to leave them alone, only for him to attack my pentacle pendant! But it's sturdy, and I didn't mind. I just laughed, thinking "Ooo, I've got a Pagan kitty here." :P

I miss my kitty Kokopelle! I keep thinking I see him out of the corner of my eye in the hotel room.

I was hanging out around the the bagpipe band tents, which happened to be right next to a chain link fence. Well, guess what? Something managed to get blown over the fence. It wound up with me climbing over the fence to retrieve it, while Tall One took photos of me. He threatened to post them on Facebook, and I told him that if he does I'll make one of them my profile pic.

Much to my surprise and delight, there was a story teller wandering around, sharing Scottish myths and legends. I'd have to say that was one of the highlights of the day. :D

I am tired, and still have to do homework, since I'm taking summer classes...

July 12th, 2009 Sunday 5:02pm
A highway, WA

There was a group doing spinning and weaving demonstrations today. Because I was curious, a woman with a drop spindle explained what she was doing. Then, my to my surprise and delight, she put it in my hands so that I could spin some yarn! I must have spent at least fifteen minutes doing that, and (again to my surprise and delight) she gave me the yarn I'd spun! I would have happily spent longer there, but I was afraid that I might miss the band competitions.

Portland Metro came in second place [I actually remember them taking first, but it says second in my journal....???], and the youth band attached to them took second.

I watched some of the athletics today. I still don't know what they're all called, but I know that caber is my favorite.

Later 8:57pm
WA/OR border

I had to stop writing earlier because we came to a rest stop, and I wanted to stretch my legs. By now it's almost to dark to write.

One of the events at the games was a Border Collie competition, where they were herding sheep. It was quite fascinating to watch.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Mmmmm! "Scottish myths and legends" I'm almost drooling. Did he or she had a Scottish accent because if that was the case, then I would be insanely jealous!

Sarita said...

I think he did, but I honestly cannot remember for certain...

He did share with us the book his story was from: "Scottish Folk-tales and Legends" retold by Barbara Ker Wilson. The one he shared was one I hadn't heard before, but it was classic. Moral of the story -- don't tick off the fey, and certainly don't say you make better music than them! Hmm, and when he came to our tent he specifically said "Are there any pipers here? Yes? I have a story to tell you."