Monday, August 24, 2009


You know, it's interesting how advertisements can be targeted for specific people.

For example, I'm a member of I've mostly only ever bought books from them, but more recently I've been drooling over their jewelry. They seem to have figured this out, because they keep sending me advertisement for 1) earrings, and 2) silver jewelry. I'm waiting for them to put one and one together and start tempting me specifically with silver earrings, which is what I have the most difficulty resisting.

Then there's facebook. They know that I'm single, so they keep throwing ads at me that are all about meeting cute Christian guys. Whenever I see these ads, I keep wanting to ask "Ok, so you've figured out I'm single, why can't you also figure out that I'm Pagan? That's also in my profile info, in case you haven't noticed." I mean, I have nothing against Christian guys, but if they really want their ads to succeed, wouldn't they also look at a person religion in addition to their relationship status?

Anyways, I guess I've seen one "cute Christian guy" ad too many, and that's what got me to blog about it. lol


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I guess it just proves that there's still a few bugs to work out of technology before it takes over the world, LOL!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Goes right along with my comment about penis enlargement spells lol. I get a bunch of things about spells and social issues. And amazon? Pure paranormal books and everything witchy under the sun. But I'm strong, I won't look at the blinkies! lol

Sarita said...

lol When does try to get me to buy books, it's usually fiction. I didn't start looking at the witchy and Pagan books really until after I started getting most of my books from the library.

Just wait until I'm out of college and can more spend money (and time) on books. We'll see what kinds of books they'll be trying to get me to buy then. :P

mrsb said...

The ads are weird aren't they, lol? I had to comment on how awesome it is that you have cats named Kokopelle, Saphira.... and Socks, lol! Socks? The god of... yarn? This made me giggle!

Sarita said...

He's actually the god of biting. lol

I got Socks when I was little, and named him after a cat in a book. The cat was named Socks, and the book title was Socks. :)