Friday, August 7, 2009

Financial aid

I am figuring out the strange world of financial aid. My mom has been helping me, for which I am extremely grateful, since I am frequently unsure what I need to do next. (Of course, it gets difficult when we each think that the other is in charge of stuff...) It also came as a surprise to me that these are loans which I will have to pay back. I somehow hadn't realized that before. But that's fine. I'll start paying them back when I've got my degree.

I'll be receiving a certain amount of money, and I am eligible for work study. I don't know yet what my work study job will be, though. When I talked to the financial aid office at Marylhurst they said that I can't apply for a work study job until I'm registered for classes. So I'll just have to make sure that I get myself over there when I register for classes to find out about getting a work study job.

And I've just got to rave about Upromise, which is sort of part of my financial aid. Through it I can actually get a bit of money for college by participating in research surveys -- just think, I get money for just doing surveys! It's not much, but I figure every dollar I earn will add up. I also discovered today that when shopping I can get some nice deals though it, and earn money for school if I simply register things like my Safeway card. Is this nice or what? :)

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Student loans are an investment in yourself and in your future. No other loan in your life (for a car, house, etc.) will be as important. Education is worth every penny!