Friday, August 28, 2009

Fur Baby Friday

Over at Jupiter's Corner Jupiter has started Fur Baby Friday -- every Friday, she talks about one or other of her furry friends. I like this idea, and have decided to do it at least occasionally myself.

Today I'd like to talk about Socks. He's the oldest of our cats, and I think my parents got him for me the summer before I started first grade. By the time my parents got him, however, he'd already been through at least two homes. The person at the pet store we got him from questioned my parents to make sure that they were willing to take on a cat, clawing and biting and all. It was only after they assured her that we wouldn't return him that she let us take him home.

I can't prove it, but I think that having been through a couple homes before coming to us has left a mark on him: he mostly comes to mom and me, but he doesn't have one person that is his own. I used to not think much of it, but I eventually realized that his behavior might be due to what he went through as a kitten.

He's technically mine, but if he's still around when I move out (which is questionable, since he's old now and I probably won't be moving out for a couple more years) I'll be leaving him with my parents. When we moved into our current house a couple years ago he took the move really badly. And I mean really, really badly. I'd rather not put him through that again needlessly, and as I already said he goes to mom about as much as he comes to me.

One thing he likes to do is scratch. He scratches mostly on the carpet, and shuns the scratching post entirely. He also bites. He bites when he wants attention, when he's happy with the attention he's getting, and when he's tired of being petted. Ok, so he doesn't bite quite all the time, but he does bite often enough that I refer to him as a "biting cat."

Regardless, he's a sweetie, and I love him. Don't ask me why, but I do. :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, cats are real creatures of habit and moving to a new place can be very unsettling for them. Learning this surprised me. I've moved twice with my cat and it took her a long time to adjust to each new home. They love routine and having everything the same all the time!

Sarita said...

Moving was one big adventure for Kokopelle. While the other two cats hunkered down sort of in shock, Kokopelle couldn't wait to explore the new house.

So while there are exceptions (and Kokopelle is sort of a weird kitty anyways) yes, they do tend to not take well to new surroundings. Socks was practically catatonic for about a day, at least.