Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Job hunting

Yesterday I registered for fall term classes at Marylhurst. And because I was finally officially registered, I was able to finally apply for a work study job.

I almost found my dream work study job. It's at the Shoen Library (the university library), doing things that I currently volunteer to do at my local library: pull holds, and process them. I would also process incoming materials from other libraries, which I haven't done in a while at my local library, but have done in the past. From the job description I might also wind up doing odds and ends of other things, but the holds and processing incoming and outgoing materials looks to be the bulk of it. So, it looks pretty good. I mean, come on -- if I get the job, I'll be getting paid to do stuff I volunteer to do at my local library!

Now I just have to convince the people at the Shoen Library that I'm the one for the job.

You may have noticed, though, that I said it's "almost" my dream job. My dream job would really be mending books at the Shoen Library. lol Ok, that's probably not gonna happen. Still, I can dream, can't I? :P


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm crossing my fingers and wishing you the best of luck.

So you are into mending books, huh? Have you read The Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke? If you haven't you sooooooo should!

Sarita said...

I've read the first book, and will get around to reading the rest later.

Too many books, too little time! That's my problem. lol

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good luck with your job application! I'm sure your volunteer experience will stand you in good stead.