Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mushroom garden

I'd like to share a little conversation mom and I had last evening, while we were fixing dinner in the kitchen.


Me: You know, I once saw this thing in a catalog that you could buy to grow mushrooms inside the house.

Mom: You were hallucinating.

Me: No I wasn't.

Mom: Yes you were.

Me: Then what did I see?

Mom: I don't know. But you are going to be surprised when I get it for you for Christmas.

Me: *squeals with delight*


This is the first time we've had this particular conversation, but we've had others concerning my desire to grow mushrooms before. You see, we grow herbs and veggies, so when I fell in love with mushrooms it naturally occurred to me that it might be nice to grow them. Of course, when I mentioned the possibility of growing mushrooms in the backyard, Tall One explained to me that he goes to great lengths to stop them from growing in our yard.

But think, wouldn't it be so cool to have a little area of the yard where giant mushrooms grow, the grass is uncut, and where little gnomes can be seen romping around? ...ok, ok, so if (or is it when?) the mushrooms were to get into the neighbor's yards, they'd get irritated with us. Still, a little corner of the yard looking like that is cute to picture in the mind's eye.

So I guess I'll get some old tree stump, or whatever, with mushrooms growing on it for Christmas. I don't even know what kind of mushrooms, though -- all I know is that any kind of mushroom I eat is yummy, and that we better get some that aren't poisonous to cats.

ps. Mom, if you read this, please know that I'll try to look surprised on Christmas morning. :)

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Dalesings said...

The labyrinth I laid down in June at the retreat center in North Carolina was at the foot of a pair of huge willow trees (not the weeping variety; these soared some 4-5 stories high!). At their feet, mushrooms grew in abundance. I managed to save almost all of them from being trampled as I wandered among them placing markers and feeding out rope while I outlined the labyrinth walls. Today, they stand as sentinels and blessings for all who walk the labyrinth...and, naturally, will return in the seasons to come. It sounds like this next season, you will be birthing and nurturing their cousins in Oregon!