Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Publishing poetry

Remember the stereotype of the starving poet? When I decided to see about getting some of my poetry published, I decided that it's one stereotype that might have some truth behind it. Well, it might have some truth for those poets who try to make their living off of their poetry, anyways.

I admit I've only got one poem published, so I'm not the ultimate authority or anything, but I've seen what most magazines pay the poet when they publish the poet's work: absolutely nothing. But I'm fine with that. I'm just looking to share what I've done with people, not get rich off of it. Of course, when I do find a magazine that also pays the poet, that's added incentive for me to submit...lol But most of them don't. And the best I can tell, when they do pay, it isn't much.

I've looked at websites for various magazines or e-zines, and I've got a few I'm looking at submitting to. (Only one of which will actually pay the poet.) I don't think I'll submit to all of them all at once -- I'm not sure that I've got enough poems polished enough for that yet unless I submit individual poems to multiple publishers, which is something that some publishers frown on -- but I wanted to share them here.

First of the magazines (and/or e-zines...I want to use the words interchangeably but suspect I shouldn't...), is Stickman Review. In a way it's sort of near and dear to my heart, since it's the first place that rejected my poetry. lol When I got their rejection e-mail, I felt like a true poet. :P Maybe I'll have better luck with them this time. I also got a polite rejection note from Wild Goose Poetry Review, which I'm thinking I'll try my luck with again.

One magazine that I considered submitting to before but didn't was Brave Hearts. I can't remember why I haven't submitted to it. Oh, and I found a poem that caught my attention on their web site: "Change of Mind" by Lois Muehl. It's a beauty.

Another poem that caught my attention was "Limitations" by Amy Walker. (I know that name. Where have I seen it before?) This was at Poet's Haven, which is yet another place I'm considering submitting to.

Other magazines I looked at are Inkwell, Poet's Ink, and Avocet. None of these seem to publish online, however, so I wasn't exactly able to browse what they publish at my computer. :( My local library doesn't seem to have them either, unfortunately.

I'll sort out where to send what poems in the next couple days. And yes, if any of my poems get published online I'll be sure to share a link here. :D


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yeah, no one gets rich being a poet, that's true! Good luck, I hope your poems find a home!

Sarita said...