Monday, August 10, 2009


Something I didn't mention about the drum circle the other day is that tobacco was offered to each of the directions. I was surprised at first, until I remembered that the woman in charge has Native American background, that tobacco is used in Native American ceremonies, and it is highly respected.

I mention this because I want to share something that someone said after the drum circle. Several of us said that we don't like being exposed to second hand smoke (I don't remember how the topic came up -- definitely not from the tobacco offering, because it was sprinkled, not burned) and someone offered the following advice: whenever you find yourself near someone who is smoking, silently acknowledge the spirit of tobacco, its power, and that you hope that the smoker will someday understand exactly what it is he or she is abusing. The guy offering the advice said that second hand smoke doesn't bother him when he does this.

Being an animist and into shaman type stuff, I naturally find this appealing. Heck, I've talked to plants before, so why not tobacco? Unfortunately, this advice hasn't worked for me on the few occasions I've tried it. Maybe the spirit of tobacco simply doesn't like me? I'll have to think on it. In any event, I thought I'd put it out there for anyone else who doesn't like second hand smoke. Maybe you'll have more success than me. :)


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'll try it, but I have the feeling that the spirit of tobacco will dislike me as much as it has you.

Oh, and there is nothing wrong with talking to plants--everybody does it, right?

Well, those who don't should start. Plants are great conversation partners, not to mention outstanding listeners ;)

Sarita said...

Most plants ignore me, but those who do respond are great to talk with. :)

What was really funny was the time I explained to a plant "You're practically dead. I'm going to gently dig you up and put you in the compost pile. How's that?" That was before I was really used to talking to plants, so I was quite shocked when I got a response from it, and that the response was "Thank you!" lol