Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Audition and school stuff

First of all, I forgot to mention yesterday that I have a job interview scheduled. Again, it's for a job at Shoen library, and looks like a fun job. Wish me luck!

Yesterday I said I would tell more about my piano audition yesterday. I messed up a little on my classical piece, but they didn't seem to notice, and I didn't feel like pointing it out to them. (Of course, people at Marylhurst know about this blog, so they may find out via my blog that I messed But whatever. :P) My other piece went smoothly, and I don't remember any mistakes, though there must have been at least one -- I don't think it's possible to perform a piece without making at least one small mistake.

After listening to my pieces I was told that I'm very good, but that my repertoire needs to be more advanced. They emphasized how good my playing is for the level I'm playing at, though. Not that I mean to brag. ;)

The choir audition was today. And, um, remember I said that the first I knew of it was an e-mail over the weekend? Well, I later found that I'd already gotten the info about it, but that I had overlooked it, because I'd forgotten that I was in the chamber choir.

(By the way, I've finally made a connection between crazy times and Mercury being in retrograde. Yes, it is currently in retrograde. I so need to pay attention to astrology stuff, so that I'll know when to be extra careful about communications in the future.)

The audition wasn't what I'd expected. First they had me do some vocal exercises to decide what my range is. I'm soprano. :) No surprise there. Gotta love those high notes! Next they had me do some sight reading, which had me a little nervous since I've only ever done sight reading on the piano, which is hardly the same as sight reading for singing.

In spite of the sight reading problem (and I had some trouble answering one or two music theory questions) I think it went ok. In any event, they said that they mainly just want to see what kind of group they've got, so that they know what kind of music and stuff to give us.

Oh and I also got my text books today. I've bought text books at PCC, but I was unprepared for what I had to spend today: $425. I think I'll spend my time at the beach recovering from the shock of seeing how pricey those books are.

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