Saturday, September 26, 2009


At school I'm part of a choir. Rehearsals are two days a week, we have two directors and they both get to direct us one day a week. Oh, we're also working on different music with each of them.

Since we've only had one class so far I only have music from one of the directors. In retrospect I shouldn't have been surprised that it was mostly Christmas music, and the two songs that aren't Christmas songs are about Hanukkah.

I don't mind singing Christmas songs in a choir, even though I am Pagan. After all, I do absolutely love Jesus, even if he's not the deity I'm most likely to turn to for help. The only thing that would make me uncomfortable is if the lyrics were something like "Jesus is the only way," and we don't have any songs saying that. So, I'm quite happy. :)

I also don't mind singing Hanukkah songs. Why should I? True, their deity is one that I don't feel any particular fondness for (to clarify: unlike many, I regard Yahweh and Jesus as two separate deities), but so what? They're fun songs, and I'm part of the choir, not representing my own personal beliefs.

Singing solo on the other hand...singing solo and presenting songs that I've chosen to perform, it would depend on the lyrics as to whether I would want to sing certain Christmas or Hanukkah songs. But that's another post! This one is about choir. :)

I wasn't singing on our first day, due difficulty in merely speaking. However, I was able to sit and listen. The director didn't have us spend time practicing the music -- she just had us sight read each song through. That was nice to hear, even though people were mostly unsure of their notes and sometimes of the rhythms. I look forward to actually being able to sing with everyone else.

I predict that this will be fun, and look forward to seeing what our other director has in store for us. :D

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