Sunday, September 20, 2009


Joy oh joy, I'm sick. I don't know what bug I've caught, but it isn't pleasant. At least it isn't keeping me in bed, even though I'm not getting out of the house today.

In other news...

Years ago I remember hearing that some Native Americans refused to weave when they were sad or upset. Their reasoning was that their feelings would be woven into whatever it was that they were creating, and that they didn't want to weave unhappiness into their work.

I don't remember which tribe(s) this was said of. I don't even remember where I read or heard it. But it's stuck with me.

It seems to me that when you make something, you put something of yourself, your feelings, and what's going on around you into your creation. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it isn't.

I shared the above photo earlier this month, and I am happy to say that I finished spinning it last night. As I neared completing it, I got to thinking about the things I've spun into it, and would like to list a few of them here.

1) Part of the audio book "Wizard of Earthsea" by Ursula K. le Guin. I've read it ages ago, and was very happy to get ahold of it again. I also liked the narrator's voice.

2) The majority of the audio book "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman. We listened to it to and from our recent trip to the coast. Incidentally, we finished listening to this book earlier today.

3) I spun the beginning of my getting sick into it last night. This perhaps wasn't such a good thing to have spun into it.

4) My recent trip to and from the coast. It was fantastic.

5) Barbershop music at a cabaret show last night. There was one chorus and a bunch of quartets. Really fun. :)

6) Hanging out around the Pride of Portland chorus (more Barbershop music!) before they performed at Pioneer Square last weekend.

7) The happiness of being part of the bagpiping community, even though I don't play the pipes or drums myself...yet.

There's more, of course, but I'll leave it at that. And anyways, if I try to continue, I might get what I've spun into this yarn mixed up with what I've spun into other yarns of mine. :P

Have you ever thought about putting a part of yourself, your feelings, and whatever is around you into whatever you make when you get creative? What are your thoughts on this idea?

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