Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hitting the beach

As a result of attending many Highland Games my mom booked us quite a few nights at Best Western hotels over the summer. Apparently all the nights added up, something like frequent flier miles, with the result that we get one free night at a Best Western hotel. Free is a great price. :) It does have an expiration date: sometime in January, I think. Since there's no point in waiting to use it for the next Highland Game season (it'll be expired by then anyways) we're figuring it's vacation time.

Ok, so it's one brief vacation, but whatever.

The plan is to leave early Thursday morning, hang out on the beach, spend the night at a Best Western hotel, hang out more at the beach, and meander back home sometime Friday.

Two days isn't much of a getaway, but I so cannot wait for it.

Yes, I did have an audition this morning, and it went fairly well. But more on that tomorrow. It's 11pm now and I'm getting up early in the morning for another audition.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Two days at the beach sounds wonderful!

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

A one day vacation is better than none! I just recently came home from a vacation and it was nice to get away for a while!

Thanks for your comment about your tradition :)

Sarita said...

You're welcome Jupiter. :)

I intend to thoroughly enjoy myself at the beach.