Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long long days

Tuesdays will be loooong days for me this term. My first class starts at 8:30am, and the last one ends at 7:15pm. On Thursdays I also have my first class starting at 8:30, but since I don't have the evening class on those days so the day doesn't feel nearly so long.

On school days I get up at 5:30am (ok, 5:35, since I hit the snooze) since I have to take the bus to school, and that is sort of time consuming since it's sort of on the other side of town. I also like to take an earlier bus than I absolutely have to, for in case I miss a bus or one breaks down -- experience has taught me that when it comes to things that I really don't want to be late to, this is generally a good idea. Fortunately mom decided, without my even asking, to pick me up Tuesday evenings. I am very happy for that, since otherwise I would probably be getting home at maybe 9pm or later.

By the way, I have found one upside to getting up so darned early: I get to watch the world change as night turns into twilight, twilight turns into dawn, and as dawn finally turns into day. I'm always amazed to see this happen, even though it happens every day.

...and now I find myself staring blankly at the screen, trying to figure out how to type up what I want to share. lol Maybe I need a nap.

I guess I'll have to say everything else in another post. :)


Brennaein said...

A Buddhist Monk once told me: If we start living in the now, we tend to appreciate things a lot more and esteem an overall happy. For instance, if you're sitting in a chair, think about sitting in a chair, if you're watching the sun rise, think about watching that sun rise.

Live in the present, for tomorrow has not happened, and yesterday is nothing but a memory.


Sarita said...

Thank you. That's actually something I've been attempting to keep in mind, believe it or not.

Right now I'm thinking about a cat sitting in my lap purring. :)