Friday, September 18, 2009

My trip to the coast

I shared that I would be going to the coast, but I didn't say exactly where we were going, did I?

Yesterday we explored a tide pool which was right by the lighthouse shown at the right. It's a place we've been before, and although we didn't enter the lighthouse this time we've climbed to the top of it before. (I should probably clarify -- "we" is mom, Tall One, and me.) It's the tallest in Oregon, and Tall One told me the other day that it's haunted. I don't know where he heard that, though.

Yesterday was an very good time to go tide pooling, because the tide was unusually low. So, we had some fun. Rather than trying to describe it, though, I think I'll share a few photos.

Here's a hermit crab I came across.

A problem I came across was that my hand sometimes got reflected in the water when I was taking photos.

There are seals on the rock back there.

During high tide the place I was standing for this photo is all under water. Imagine being the person whose job it is to take that yellow sign out there ever low tide!

And this one is a sea anemone.

This morning we wandered the beach, only a mile from where we were tide pooling. It was amazing, because the beach and the tide pool we were at yesterday are such different eco-systems, yet they are within a mile of each other!

When we go to the coast we normally camp at a KOA, but this time we were in a hotel because of the one free night we were awarded thanks to us staying at so many Best Western hotels over the summer. Our hotel overlooked the ocean, and the lighthouse was visible from our room.

We even had a "balcony." Except none of us really considered it to be a balcony. It was a little ledge with railing, that went out maybe eighteen inches from the side of the building. We looked at it, and laughed. It was too funny.

All in all, the trip was great. :)

Have any of you ever been tide pooling? What did you think?


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Oh how exciting! Your pictures are absolutely lovely! I'd like to e-mail you but there isn't an address listed in your profile. If you'd be so kind, you can leave a comment on my page with your e-mail. My comments are private until approval so I'll just take the address and delete it so no one sees it :)

Oh and I assumed my experience was Shamanistic but I really know nothing about Shamanism. Is it something you know a lot about?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ooooo, that sea anemone is neat! I've never seen one in real life.

Sarita said...

Jupiter -- I got my feet wet in shamanism last December. I'll answer whatever questions you have to the best of my abilities (and remember I'm still quite new to it myself lol so if it's not a general question I might have to say "I don't know") but if you'd like you can also take a look at the my labels side bar and find the label "Shamanism." I'll also track down a couple books that I've found helpful and share the titles with you. (I'll have to track them down since I don't remember their titles and authors offhand... :P)

Debra --I first saw a sea anemone when I was on a school field trip, and was even allowed to touch it. That was cool. :)

Sarita said...

The books you might want to look at Jupiter are:

"Shamanism: As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life" by Tom Cowen

"Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide" by Sandra Ingerman

These are the two that my teacher wanted me to get. They mostly have the same info, but present it in different ways which I found helpful.