Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This and that

I am not happy.

Last evening I thought I was getting better, and figured I would even be able to get out of the house today. But then I woke up this morning with a new symptom. I was not pleased. (For anyone who's curious, I woke up in a cold sweat.) I didn't feel too bad, other than the darned sore throat, but I figured that getting new symptoms isn't a good sign. So this is one more day stuck in the house.

Maybe I'm being over cautious, but I really would rather not push myself too far and get even sicker (is that a word?) or give my germs to anyone else.

Oh, and since I can't get out today, I've missed 1) a mandatory meeting for new music students at Marylhurst, and 2) the annual music department picnic. As I said, I am not happy. And I will be even more unhappy if I still can't get out of the house on Thursday, which is the first day of fall term.

But anyways...on to a happier topic!

Today is Mabon, technically the first day of fall. In truth, though, I think the season turned about a week ago here in Portland.

I'm not sure what my family will do. We'll see. Maybe something tasty made from stuff in our veggie garden. Maybe a nice chocolate cake for desert. :)

I haven't actually talked to my family really about what we'll do, but I know mom had already given it at least a little thought, so who knows -- she might already have plans for dinner.

So, what do my Pagan followers have planned for this wonderful day? I guess this question could go for non-Pagan followers also, if you observe the changing of the seasons like we do. :D


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Is your family also Pagan or do they just like to celebrate the Equinox?

I'm so sorry you still aren't feeling well and I hope you get better soon :)

Sarita said...

I have Pagans and Christians in my immediate family, and we celebrate Pagan and Christian holidays together. It's nice. :) It can also be interesting...funny.

One time that was really funny was last year when we were doing grocery shopping for Christmas and mom said to me "Why don't you pick out Jesus' birthday cake?" I didn't complain (Jesus is a nice guy, and I love him -- plus I liked getting to choose my favorite cake!) but I was thinking "Oh, sure, ask a Pagan to pick the b-day cake for the Christian god..." lol

Whoops, maybe I shouldn't laugh. Laughing makes me cough.

Anyways...being in an interfaith family can be fun. :)