Sunday, October 11, 2009

Changing seasons

People these days generally consider themselves separate from nature. Yet, today I found more proof that we're still closely connected to it.

I was reading the Sunday comics, and noticed that more than a few of them (I didn't bother counting) were about the coming of autumn. One of them was about raking leaves, and the others were about the beauty of the leaves that are changing color.

Think about it. When winter comes, the comics will start talking about snow, and the fact that it's winter. At the beginning of spring, they'll start talking about the return of migratory birds, about the weather slowly warming up, and about plants starting to grow again. When summer comes, they'll talk about the long lazy days (I always laugh at that) of summer, and the characters will be wearing tank tops. Oh that's another thing -- people wearing different clothing, according to what the season is. And of course when it rolls back around to fall again next year, they start talking about the changing leaves again. So the cycle goes.

Of course, this is a reflection of real life. Even as people say that nature is something that isn't really part of our lives any more, it's all around us, and we notice it whether we realize it or not.

By the way, this seems like a good place to mention, I'll be changing the header of my blog according to the seasons, and perhaps also according to whatever fancy strikes me. So you might be seeing some random headers up there, but you can also safely expect to see the header changing according to the seasons. That's just a reflection of my own earth based spirituality. :)


Ric said...

Nice. Change is good.

Ric said...

...and, yes, people tend to ignore the significance of how we're connected to our place and each other. None of us is alone, regardless of how lonely one may feel at times. Reach out - touch, connect and feel where you are and how we affect things around us and how it affects us. Thanks for your frequent postings - they make me smile :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like your autumn header, very colourful!

Sarita said...

Ric, your comment about reaching out somehow reminds me of something I once saw: "Reach out and touch someone. No, NOT THERE!!" lol My mind just works that way, I guess.