Friday, October 16, 2009

Fur Baby Friday

I haven't done a Fur Baby Friday in over a month. It's something I've picked up from another blogger, in which I devote my Friday post to talking about one (or more) of my pets.

By the way, have you ever noticed how pets is an anagram for pest?


Today I'd like to talk about Saphira, the cat my dad belongs to. She's a Siamese with a champion bloodline, which means that a certain number of her grandparents and great grandparents and so on (and maybe other relatives?) have been champions repeatedly at various cat shows. It also meant that we had to pay extra for her, which I consider a downside to having a cat with a champion bloodline.

Both of my parents have had Siamese cats before Saphira came along, and love them. Siamese cats have a certain personality, and even though I've been around them my entire life I'm not sure if I can describe them adequately, but I'll try. They are very loyal, and even though they like multiple people, they only really latch onto one person. In fact, Saphira is so attached to my dad that she complains every time he leaves the house. Siamese cats can also hold grudges. If dad annoys Saphira (for example, if he's away from home for a few hours) she'll often shower someone else in the family with affection -- not that dad gets jealous, but apparently she thinks he should. Also, you never want to be mean to a Siamese cat. They can get darned nasty. I haven't experienced this myself, but my parents have seen it happen.

Oh, and they're LOUD. But I'm used to it. As I said, I've grown up around them.

This barely even begins to touch on the character of the breed, but ah well. I've given it a shot. Now, on to talking about this particular feline. :)

Even though Saphira was bought for my dad, it was my mom who picked her up from the breeder. This was because the nearest Siamese cat breeder lives several hours away (on the coast, actually) and with dad's medical problems he simply does not have the stamina to endure a car ride for that long.

So it was mom who went to pick her up, with Tall One and me tagging along. This was perhaps five years ago, and mom instructed us to be very quiet when we entered the breeder's house, so that we wouldn't disturb the kittens. (Siamese cats are very temperamental, by the way.) As the breeder and mom talked, mom held the kitten. I, on the other hand, fell in love with a little blue point Siamese kitten. I wanted so much to take the little blue point home but knew better than to ask, since they're so expensive. Saphira, by the way, is a seal point Siamese.

Siamese cats tend to be vocal, and as I mentioned LOUD, but Saphira was fairly quiet as mom held her. That changed when we took her out to the car. The cold ocean air hit her as we took her out of the breeder's house, she didn't like it, and she told the world that she was not happy. Fortunately we got her into the car in less than a minute, so she didn't endure it for too long.

I can't remember how vocal she was on the way home. What I do remember is Tall One slipping his hand into her cat carrier to calm her at one point, and her doing her best to escape it. She almost did, too. I was amazed at how strong she was, for such a little kitten.

When she got home, however, it took her a little while before she was willing to leave her cat carrier. I didn't see that, though, because she was alone with dad. It was part of their bonding.

By the way, her eyes are an amazing blue that is rather like the color of sapphires. Because of this, dad named Saphira after a certain dragon in Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance" cycle.

By the way, does anyone else here love Siamese cats?


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

I DO love siamese kitties :) I used to have one of my own, she is now my mother's cat though. She's a doll.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I shared a cat once that was half chocolate point Siamese and half tabby. She had the markings and blue eyes of a Siamese, but the calm and loving personality of a tabby. So she was the best of both worlds really! Her name was Spice.

Sarita said...

I'd never heard of chocolate points before! I just Googled it and they look beautiful.