Friday, October 23, 2009


I'm going to take a new angle on talking about Sweet Adelines. Today, rather than telling about how much I love the quartets/choruses, I am going to share a story that Martini told on stage today. It goes something like this:

Last year we went down to Florida to perform, and the show was in a church. Over in a corner was a gold phone, with a sign saying "$5,000 per call". It seemed strange, so we asked the priest about it. He told us that the phone was a direct line to God.

The next month we were in Oregon, performing on a show in another church. Again there was a gold phone with a sign saying "$5,000 per call". Again we asked the priest, and again he said that it was a direct line to God.

The month after that we were performing in yet another church, this time in Canada. Again there was a gold phone, but the sign above it said "50 cents per call". We assumed that it was also a direct line to God, but were puzzled about the drastic difference in price. We asked the priest, explaining that it had been so much more in the USA, and he said "It's only fifty cents here because it's a local call."

There were plenty of other good jokes, but I latched onto this one because I love anything and everything to do with religion. lol Half of the quartet is Canadian, and half are from the USA, by the way.

Ok, I'll admit that my memory isn't the best, so the specific locations they gave may have been different, but the first two were definitely in the USA and the last was definitely Canada.

Oh yes, and they placed fourth. I am quite amazed, since this is their first time in the top ten. But, their tenor pulled off the same feat with the chorus she directs -- Lions Gate -- a couple years ago.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

We in Canada know this is NOT a joke but simply the truth! Canada is indeed heaven!

Sarita said...

lol Correction: the Great Northwest is heaven! And the Great Northwest does extend a bit into Canada, so I guess that a bit of Canada does qualify as heaven.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Because the Great Northwest is so close to Canada, we have extended an Honorary Heaven designation to you. That's the real situation!