Thursday, October 22, 2009

International quartet competition

Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch all the quartets I wanted to yesterday. First I didn't get to the webcast as quickly as I wanted. (Partially because I slept in...) Then in the evening my internet died. :(

By the way, I'm currently on a computer at school, listening to the webcast for the chorus semi-finals.

But on to yesterday's quartets! :)

I was quite happy about the attention that Paper Dolls got. Remember them? They're the quartet I talked about recently who strolled into my region and took first place. Also, their tenor is in second grade. They are fantastic. They took 48th yesterday. That's only a few places from last places, but whatever. I love them!

Another quartet I was happy to see was LoveNotes. I don't think I've talked about them here before. They used to be known as Under Age, but they changed their name because they're growing up -- one of their members is 21 now. I saw them live for the first time several years ago, and fell in love with them. Then their bass left and joined Razzcals (another quartet I'll talk about) which made me sad, but I'm now very happy with the quartet. They're fantastic, and took 13th. Wow!

Now, Razzcals. I wasn't able to see their competition yesterday, but I'll hopefully get to see them tomorrow since they made the finals! That means (I'm trying to remind myself that not everyone knows how the competitions work...) that they will compete against nine other quartets tomorrow who are all vying for the top place -- the GOLD MEDAL. I think of it as the battle of the titans.

I've known this quartet as long as I've known Under Age (sorry, LoveNotes). Then a couple years ago their bass left the quartet, which made me sad. I was quite happy, however, when the bass of the then Under Age quartet became their new bass. By the way, their bass and lead are mother and daughter now. Is that cool or what? It also means that their voices go together pretty well! :) I would share a youtube video of them, but I haven't found a video of them there.

I was also really looking forward to see the quartet Martini. Unfortunately my internet died in the evening, so I didn't get to see them :( However, they made the top ten, so I'll hopefully see them tomorrow!!! :D Pretty good.

I can't say that I've been in love with them for several years, because their quartet is only like a couple of years old. Actually, I think this is their third international. I will say this, however -- their members are from choruses that I love. :) And here's a video of them:

That's it for now! :)

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