Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Imagine a room full of people, and everyone has a musical instrument of some kind. One lone drummer starts beating out a tempo, and slowly others start doing whatever they feel like. Notice, I say whatever they feel like. This isn't something that we've practiced, and we don't even know what the other musicians have in mind. We aren't necessarily even familiar with the instruments we're holding.

We did this last week at school. It was amazing. Beyond words.

Last evening we did it again, except we were singing. Ok, so a few people had instruments, and a few others drummed on the tables. But mostly we were just singing.

As I said, it is beyond words. It is like stepping into the Otherworld.

You're probably reading this and thinking that there's no way such a thing could sound good. But believe me, it does. I don't know how, but it does sound good. Not just good -- amazing. Amazingly amazing, if I may borrow that phrase from Douglas Adams.

I highly recommend trying this the next time you're with a group of friends. I don't care if none of you consider yourselves musically talented. Give it a go. See what happens. :)


Aelwyn said...

Hi there!

Just letting you know I added your button to my scrolling blog roll. :)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes! That's exactly how we drum at my drumming circle. Logically, you would think this must just result in noise, but a kind of "collective spirit" takes over and produces unbelievable results!

Sarita said...

Yeah I've been in a drumming circle, but I somehow thought that doing it with other instruments would be different.

Aelwyn -- I'll check out your blog and grab your button. :)