Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rolling backpacks

My fellow students and I found a found a new use for my rolling backpack: it can be used to lead a blind person.

As I mentioned before, one of my fellow students at Marylhurst is blind. She can usually find her way around fairly well, but the thing with this campus is that it has a lot of open space between buildings. Big open spaces are trouble for her. She can get lost in them.

We were going to choir after lunch, and of course I was bringing along my rolling backpack with a bunch of textbooks. (I would leave them in my car when I don't need them, except that I haven't got a car.) Another classmate was leading the blind woman, until she pointed out "Wait a minute, Sarita should lead me! I can just follow the sound of her backpack!"

So, my backpack now has a new use. :D

I just need to be careful of smooth surfaces that my backpack doesn't make a sound on. I got to a spot like that, made a turn, and she went straight. Whoopsies. lol That got straightened out fairly quickly, though, and we laughed at it.

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