Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Adelines

Yet another post about Sweet Adelines!!!

I wasn't able to watch too many of the competitions today, due to my school schedule. And those that I did get to watch weren't those that I'd really wanted to watch. But oh well. The ones that I really wanted to see I'll get to see on Saturday, because they made the finals. :)

One of the choruses in particular that I've been curious about was Lion's Gate. I'm not sure when they first competed at internationals, but I can tell you that the last time they competed there was the first time they made the top ten. Not only did they make the top ten for the first time, but they placed third. Let me tell you, that is quite a feat. Naturally, I'm curious to see what they'll pull off this year.

I'd like to share the finals package that they shared last time around. I know it's a little long (about fifteen minutes) but it's oh so good. Take a look at it! For some reason I found it in two separate parts, not one, but don't let that deter you, please.

Yes, there is a lot of estrogen when you get a group of Sweet Adelines together. lol

I also want to tell you about the Melodeers chorus. They aren't competing this year, but they've taken gold several times (I'm not sure exactly how many -- that's how many times!) at international. They took gold last year, and so are our outgoing champs this year.

Their director is Jim Arns, and is someone who's fairly well known in our organization. We're rather fond of him, and have called him Our Little Jimmy on more than one occasion.

I wanted to share a video of them, but the following is all I could find. It isn't exactly the best thing to showcase their performances, I think, but it's better than nothing. It does show their singing, and I learned a few things about the chorus from it.

Sorry to bombard you with lots of things from youtube. *grin* I guess I'm getting a little over excited.

EDIT: I forgot to mention! The director of Lions Gate is part of the quartet Martini, which I talked about yesterday.