Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas before Thanksgiving?

This morning I was walking home, and my path happened to take me right by a store. I couldn't help but notice -- they had gotten a delivery of trees. Um, isn't it a little early?

Ok, yes, this is coming from the girl who's already singing Christmas songs. But that's different! Songs are something that you have to work on ahead of time so that they're ready when the big day comes. And since I'm singing them and I'm already in the mind frame of Christmas music, why not put on a CD of the songs while I'm at it?

And I can understand selling Christmas stuff at craft stores. Crafts are something else that you have to work on ahead of time if you're going to have them prepared in time, just like songs.

So while I can go along with the Christmas music and the Christmas stuff in craft stores before Thanksgiving, the trees seem a tad early to me.

But, I guess each to their own. I'm sure there are some who think I'm nutsy for singing Christmas songs this early.

ps. I just added "nutsy" to the words that my spell checker shouldn't complain about. It's my new word! :)


Magaly Guerrero said...

Things have just gotten so commercial that they sellers try to put prospective costumers in the mood way ahead of time. But I love the holidays, so I enjoy all the lights.

Oh, I took a pic the other day: a Santa at a pizza place in the East Village, NY. I can't wait to share it. It made me roar!

Sarita said...

I look forward to seeing the photo. :)