Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Different ways of thinking

...so tired...it's been a long day...

But first, there's something I want to ask. How many steps are there in vacuuming your house? Yeah, I guess it's a weird question, but please bear with me.

Mom and I were having a discussion this evening, and to my surprise she asked me what the steps are in vacuuming the house. This is what I said:

1) Get out the vacuum cleaner.

2) Plug it in.

3) Vacuum the living room.

4) Vacuum the hall.

5) Vacuum Tall One's room.

6) Vacuum my room.

7) Vacuum my parent's room.

8) Maybe vacuum my parent's bathroom (for some strange reason it is carpeted).

9) Unplug vacuum cleaner.

10) Wind up power cord.

11) Put vacuum cleaner back up.

These are all the steps I gave her. And I definitely listed off eleven when we were talking -- she counted them! In reply, my mom said that these are the steps she follows:

1) Get out vacuum cleaner.

2) Push it around the house.

3) Put vacuum cleaner back up.

...why can't things be that simple for me? For her it's three easy simple steps. For me it's eleven steps. We might take the same amount of time, but...there's quite a difference.

It seems like I'm making things more difficult for myself. And yet, this is just the way my brain is programed. Maybe it's my ADHD?

So tell me, how many steps do you take when vacuuming?


Magaly Guerrero said...

Okay, let's put my OCD to work:

1. Sweet the uncarpeted rooms (to make sure the dust of sweeping doesn't get your carpeted rooms after you I'm done vacuuming).

2. Get the vacuum and push it around the carpeted areas.

3. Clean the vacuum, outside, to avoid a mess.

4. Put the vacuum away.

5. Dust, just to get rid of any dust the vacuuming process might have produced.

6. Light a lavender candle and enjoy the 10-30 minutes the house is totally clean and smelling great--all hell breaks loose as soon as my dad and brother make it home.

Hmm... I guess we all do the same thing, we just have Our Ways about it, and there is nothing wrong with that. You way is not too complicated, at least not for you; it is just yours and if you try to follow someone else's just because it is easier, you might not like the end results.

Lyon said...

This is a fascinating point. I tend to think more like you do. But I wish I could make it as simple as your mom! lol Something to strive for I guess.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Vacuuming? What's that?

Sarita said...

Magaly -- Good point.

Lyon -- Yeah, I can't help but wish that I thought more like my mom in this matter.

Debra -- I like your response. :)