Saturday, November 7, 2009

The draft

When I turned 18, I didn't have to register for the draft. I didn't even know that people still registered for the draft.

Then Tall One turned 18 this year. Apparently Uncle Sam hunted him down (I think Tall One got a letter, though he didn't clarify how he was "hunted down") to get him to register.

First of all, we don't do the draft these days, and don't have plans to reinstate it, so why do people have to register?

Second of all, how come Tall One had to register but not me? Because I'm a girl! That's sexism that doesn't belong in this century, if you ask me.

Thirdly, Tall One was diagnosed ADD, and last time I checked the military doesn't accept people who are ADHD/ADD. So, why the heck did Tall One have to register???

I don't like the idea of drafting people into the military anyways, and these points just add to my irritation on the issue.

I love my country, but that doesn't mean I like everything that my government does.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Really? I had no idea people still registered for "the draft"!!!

That is insane. Then again, it might be just like one of those silly laws I've read about that are just around because no one has decided to remove them. For instace, there is a law in NC that says that you can bathe your dunkey on the sidewalk. I read it and went "um... okay."

But that drafting thing does worry me, nonetheless...

Sarita said...

The only reason I know that people have to register is because of Tall One. And he got some kind of confirmation thingy that he's registered today, which is what set off this little rant.

And yeah, there are some outdated laws. I know that some years ago there was going to be a convention for Native Americans in a particular city, and when they were planning they discovered a law saying that no Native Americans were allowed in the city limits. They got the law removed, and the convention went as planned, though.

I'm hoping this is just another case of a law that's just outdated. But who knows.

Magaly Guerrero said...

There is another law in NC or SC, can't be sure, that says that a husband can beat his wife on the steps of the courthouse, if the stick is shorter than his thumb. Weird...

Sarita said...

Ah, the "rule of thumb" law. I'd heard about it, but I didn't know that it was still on the books. That's one that definitely ought to be removed.

...wait, I just reread what you wrote...I thought that the stick just had to be no thicker than his thumb, not shorter? It wouldn't be much of a stick if it were shorter than his thumb.

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

The draft could still possibly be initiated, which is why people still register. We hope it will never have to happen but if people stop enlisting willingly, it's something that will be necessary. To me, it isn't about the government. It's about soldiers. There are some very brave men and women who volunteer to fight for our country. And if people stopped volunteering, what do you think would happen to those brave souls who already are fighting? They'd have to keep fighting, be worn thin and eventually, they would all die. So to me, the draft isn't about protecting our country or government, it's about protecting those people who take a stand for people at home every day. They stand up so other people don't have to. And we can only hope that the draft will never be necessary.

And as a woman who spent time in the Army, I absolutely do NOT think women should be registered for the draft. I'm not a sexist and I'm not saying women don't have a place in the military at all. But I am saying it is much easier for MOST men to adhere to military standards than it is for MOST women. I'm not saying all women can't do it, but it definitely shouldn't be required for women to do it.

And the Army will take you if you have ADD/ADHD, I don't know who told you they won't. They'll also take you if you have asthma. It has to be controlled with the use of an inhaler but there are so many myths about the military that are incorrect.

Sarita said...

It was something my mom took into account when she got me diagnosed with ADHD, because she was concerned about cutting off a possible career for me.

I guess the rules have changed since I was young.

And I still think that it's only fair to register women as well as men. Sure, combat is more difficult on women, but aren't there jobs in the military that aren't so demanding?

Sarita said...

Wait, let me rephrase that -- combat is USUALLY more difficult on women.