Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun days

Samhain was good. I had some fun with beads and other crafty stuff, and a friend of mine came over. We just hang out for a little, and then Tall One suggested we play a card game. So he, mom, my friend, and I played hearts. We even played in teams, which was a first for me. My friend and I were on the same team, and won. We even managed to run the deck! That was another first for me. lol I've tried it before, but never managed to pull it off.

When the game ended it was beginning to get late, and really I should have been in bed already, but my friend suggested we tell stories. I didn't particularly care about my curfew (even though I expected I would regret it the following day) so I said sure thing! Not only that, but we had a fire going, so I turned off the lights.

We told stories by the flickering fire light. Not ghost stories, though. Well, actually, we did have one ghost story. I got mom to tell about the time that a ghost kicked her out of a bed once while she was traveling. It's absolutely hilarious. Aside from that we mostly told myths.

Oh yes, and the trick-or-treaters! This is our third Halloween in this house, and the last two we only had one or two groups of kids show up at our door each year, much to my disappiontment. This year, however, we had four or five groups. I was quite happy about that. :)

It was a good day and evening.

This morning I went to my first cat show. I hadn't known what to expect, other than that there would be a bunch of cats.

I absolutely love cats, and so the cat show was pretty much heaven for me. I definitely want to go to more.

There were plenty of cool things there, but I have homework to do so I'll limit my talking to one cool thing, which is that I became acquainted with a new cat breed: the Sphynx.

To the left is a photo of the one I met. I was having trouble getting good photos (probably because I refused to use flash, since I didn't want to startle any cats) but you can see better photos of them here, where there are photos of an adult Sphynx and an unbelievably cute baby Sphynx.

In photos they look strange, but actually meeting one I was able to forget that they look weird. They're like any other cat, full of personality and character! just happens that they don't have fur. Oh, and they feel like velvet when you pet them. :)

The person belonging to the cat told me that they are very affectionate, and that to keep warm they'll sleep under the covers with their person. And not just under the covers -- they'll even crawl into your pajamas! She said that they have to be taught proper bed etiquette so that they don't do things like poke their nose into your armpit and give you a rude awakening in the middle of the night.

It'll be a while before I start looking for another cat, but when I do, I'll definitely keep this breed in mind!


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

The deal with the broom is I read this blog:

I was like "whoa!" and tried it myself. Definitely works. But when I researched it, I found out that there is no accepted theory as to why this is happening. Weird!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Cat shows are fun, aren't they? All those pampered champions! I've never petted a Sphynx, so hearing that they feel like velvet is interesting!

Sarita said...

Jupiter -- That is so weird.

Debra -- If you get a chance, pet one. :)