Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Hairy legs are gross on women"

My college choir is performing this weekend. Before dress rehearsal today we were joking about making guys wear dresses (you know, just being silly college kids who are trying to find some humor as the stress of finals approach), and someone asked if they should also have to shave their legs.

I don't even remember how the topic switched over to women shaving their legs. But, sure enough, one of my classmates commented "Hairy legs are gross on women."

I have hairy legs. It's not because I'm trying to make a statement, and in truth I do think they look nicer when they're shaved. But some time ago I got sick and tired of shaving them, and that was that. I expect I'll start shaving them again someday, but not anytime in the near future.

So when this classmate said that hairy legs are gross on women, I jut had to say "Hey, I don't shave. Are my legs gross?" I wanted to see if she'd say it to my face. And, sure enough, she did. (Though I noticed that she didn't look at me as she said it.) She added that "hairy legs aren't so bad if you aren't wearing a skirt."

Maybe I'll wear a skirt next week. What do you think?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Breaking any kind of social taboo requires courage. You have to be prepared for negative, unfair remarks and consequences. If you want to do it though, and you're prepared for the fallout, then I say go for it. Body hair is perfectly natural and not gross, but our society is super weird about it for all kinds of twisted reasons.

Magaly Guerrero said...

How hairy are we talking about? Because there is hairy and then there is MY legs if I don't shave for a week. I would probably cause accidents. Woman, I have to shave every other day. I once told The Boyfriend not to surprise me. EVER. He gave me a worried look and I added, "Well, you can, just don't run when you get there and find Chubaka. I don't shave when you are not around. And things can get pretty hairy."

I don't like my legs or forearms hairy, so I shave them. I think the hair no-hair thing is very personal.

Sarita said...

Yeah, I knew that the negativity about hair legs was out there, but I was so used to being around women who also don't shave that I admit I was a little surprised when I heard someone call them "gross"! lol

My legs aren't as hairy as some, but they're definitely hairy. But I'm in the habit of always wearing long pants (I love my blue jeans! :D) so almost no one ever sees them.

WarriorPrincessDanu said...

I haven't shaved my legs in a year and a half. No one seems to notice. I guess it's because my leg hair is very fine. Either way, I decided that they're my legs to do with as I please. It really shouldn't matter to other people what I do with my legs. The vast majority of people never get up-close and personal with my legs, and those who do accept me for who I am, so the leg hair is not an issue.

Sarita said...

Good for you. :)