Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy "let's steal the land from the natives" day!

Actually, addressing that aspect of Thanksgiving would be an entire post all by itself, which I don't feel like doing at the moment, but I would like to share Thanksgiving: A Native American View which is one Native American's take on Thanksgiving.

Today I made the main dish for dinner. Of course it wasn't turkey, since I'm vegetarian. So what was it? Lasagna. Unfortunately, because I'm used to making it in a bigger pan, I misjudged what I was doing and used too much sauce. But it was still yummy, and was perhaps the best lasagna I've ever made. Hmm, so perhaps it wasn't too much sauce after all...

And yes, I took photos of the food. lol I picked up my camera for one thing, but when I get a camera in my hands I go slightly nutsy, and take photos like crazy. With that in mind, I think I took relatively few photos today.

Mom also got out some wine for dinner, which is very unusual in my family. I considered asking for a bit of it, but changed my mind when I remembered that I cannot stand its taste.

A couple days ago I bought some tofurkey, special for this meal. I've been vegetarian for several years, but I only tried tofurkey recently, and discovered that I liked it. I actually discovered it because I was at school trying to find something to eat, and they sell this stuff in the bookstore. It is so yummy. And not only is it vegetarian, it's even vegan! How cool is that?

Ok, I'll stop going on and on about the tofurkey... :)

Mom fixed green beans, and we also had bread to go with the lasagna. Dad opted to have a TV dinner type meal that had the traditional Thanksgiving food stuff in it.

We made a discovery during dinner: dad's cat, Saphira, likes wine. The fact that we only made this discovery today shows just how little my parents drink alcohol. And of course, I grabbed my camera when we found out that she likes it!

We didn't let her drink much, and only let her lick to her heart's content once dad had emptied his cup.

Yes, by the way, she does get on the table to eat with us. She's a companion animal to my dad, and so she has gets to do things that the other two cats in our house can't get away with.

I've got to add -- my mom was just looking over my shoulder, and when she saw the photograph of Saphira she said something about PETA coming after us about it. lol

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :D


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've heard of "booze-hounds," but "booze-cats"? LOL!

Sarita said...

Booze-hounds? I hadn't heard of those, actually.

Saphira also loves tofurkey. I'd put the leftovers in a zip-lock bag and left it out on the counter. About twenty minutes ago I caught her trying to get into it! I'll have to make sure that I don't leave it out like that again.

Magaly Guerrero said...

My dog loved beer and my ex used to give it to him and get him drunk. I used to get mad because the poor thing had no saying in the issue, but it was freaking hilarious. I know that's horrible, but you would probably laugh too if you saw a dog walking sideways.

P.S. I really enjoyed "Thanksgiving: A Native American View" thanks so much for sharing.

Sarita said...

I don't know, I've seen a cat weaving around as though drunk, and it wasn't funny. Then again, maybe it was because the cat was on a lot of pain killers since he'd just had a couple of teeth pulled. Poor kitty.

And you're welcome. When I read the article I thought "Hm, this is something I'll have to share on Thanksgiving!" :)