Monday, November 23, 2009

Vegetarians and animal crackers

While I was volunteering at the library this morning I came across a Chicken Soup for the Soul CD (I hadn't known I could find them in the music CD section!) and I started pondering a couple of questions.

Are vegetarians allowed to read Chicken Soup for the Soul?

Also, are vegetarians allowed to eat animal crackers?

lol I say both to yes to both of those questions. But I know that once at the library a librarian was handing out animal crackers, and one little kid refused because s/he was vegetarian!

Oh yes, and there's a third question -- are vegetarians allowed to eat a cake that's made to look like a turkey?

A store near our house was selling cakes like that last Thanksgiving, and I'm hoping to get one again this year. They were cute, and delicious! Unfortunately those cakes weren't a big hit, so I'm not sure if we'll be able to find one this time. :( Ah well. We'll see!



Lyon said...

LOL! Kids say the most out of the blue stuff, I love it. Good luck finding your cake!

Sarita said...

Gotta love kids. :)

My favorite was the kid singing "Hark the hairy angels sing." Only a kid could get away with that one!