Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blowing bubbles

I have a pendant that's in the shape of a duck. But it isn't a normal kind of pendant, because I can use it to blow bubbles.

I started wearing it recently because I felt like compelled to. It seemed like an Otherworldly helper was telling me that I needed have fun, rather than spending the whole time stressed out. I admit, during the past term I have been going slightly nutsy and stressing out due to sleep deprivation and worrying about classes.

After blowing bubbles around my house, I started blowing bubbles when I was out and about this week, and I had this vague idea that it might bring happiness to other people. I was slightly surprised by the results, though.

Tuesday when I was on my way to my job interview someone called me something along the lines of "bringer of joy." I was quite happy. We wound up talking about our pets, which I found to be a delightful topic.

Today when I was blowing bubbles I thought that no one was paying attention to them to begin with. But when I moved so that I could see where the bubbles were going I realized that there were a couple of children who were chasing the bubbles. They were so cute. I was sad to leave when my train showed up.

Also today, and incidentally at the same time as when the kids were chasing the bubbles, when I first started blowing bubbles at the train station the wind took them somewhere I hadn't expected -- straight to a guy who was announcing to everyone passing by the Good News about Christianity. I couldn't help but wonder, was Jesus perhaps using the bubbles to tell him to calm down and have a good time? lol Who knows. :)

I'll continue blowing bubbles at bus stops, and at other places. It's brought joy to other people, which in turn brings joy to me.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Delightful! More people should blow bubbles.

Sarita said...

Well I know that the guy who I had a conversation with said that he should start blowing bubbles. :)