Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I bring good tidings! My hand is feeling all better! Just in time to wrap some last minute presents. :)

Unfortunately my foot started feeling slightly worse, after I wandered around a Fred Meyers without my cane last night.

And speaking of presents...

My present to Tall One was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Guess what? It wasn't. Don't worry, I did buy him something else (a small something else, not the big gift card he requested -- he has a tendency to request things that he knows I won't or can't get him) for in case it doesn't arrive today.

Tall One is well aware of the fact that my present to him hasn't arrived yet.

So mom and I were discussing the situation in front of him today, and the comment was made that he could wear my present to the next Highland Games, and watch his piping instructor pitch a fit. Then mom made the comment that he could also have her present with him at the next Highland Games.

About this time Tall One requested that we stop talking about his presents. He is totally clueless about what they are, of course. (Truthfully I don't know what mom has gotten for him either.) Mom and I are just having fun making semi-vague comments about his presents.

But before we finished talking about his presents, one of us just had to comment that we should have gotten him an InstaKilt for him to wear along with my present to the next Highland Games. I think I'll just quote from their website:

"More fun than a towel, more versatile than a traditional kilt, the Instakilt beach kilt towel will attract attention wherever you wear it. Perfect for the beach, the pool, the bathroom, and according to some, fancy dinner parties too (though we wouldn't actually recommend that)."

After that we finally did hush up about his presents.

Hey, you know, maybe I should get one of those InstaKilts. After all, I don't have a kilt for myself. :)

Lastly, in honor of this being Christmas Eve and there being only one more sleep 'til Christmas, I'd like to share a song.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that InstaKilt is just too wild! Hilarious!

Sarita said...

I think my mom once threatened to get my brother in an InstaKilt rather than a real kilt. lol