Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas tag

I know about tagging people on facebook, but tagging people in blogs? That's new to me.

And guess what? I've been tagged!

Debra, over at She Who Seeks, tagged me in her latest post. The thingy she tagged me in originated at Top Ten Christmas Blog, and there are some rules to the game:

1. Copy and paste the questions into your blog.
2. Link to the person who tagged you and also to Heather of Top 10 Christmas.
3. Answer the questions.
4. Then tag 5 or more of your favorite blogs, and leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged.

(By the way, Debra, I switched the spellings back over to American English.) (Why is it called "American" English? Canada is in the Americas, so technically their English is also "American English"...) (Ok I'll stop before I turn this into another rant on the topic.)

So, onto the questions! :)

1. Have you started your Christmas shopping?

I've bought one present, but only because it jumped out at me and said "Buy me for this person!" I'm still figuring out what to get other people...

2. Tell me about one of your special traditions.

Ever since I was little, my family has had a birthday cake for Jesus (even though he was actually born in the Spring).

There's a funny story about this, but I think that will wait until question 6.

3. When do you put up your tree?

The exact answer will depend on which year you ask. This time we put it up last weekend. However, we still need to decorate it. People have been sick in this household and there have been finals to study for.

4. Are you a Black Friday shopper?

Heck no! Shopping can be fun, but I'd rather avoid the crowds.

5. Do you travel at Christmas or stay home?

Stay home.

6. What is your funniest Christmas memory?

Maybe this isn't the funniest, but it's what I'm sharing.

Last year mom and I were doing some last minute Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. (We don't usually wait that late, but we'd been snowed in for at least two weeks.) We were in the cake section, and mom said to me "Why don't you pick out the birthday cake for Jesus?"

I didn't say anything until later, but I was thinking "Gee, that's right, ask the Pagan to pick out Jesus' birthday cake!" lol

But I didn't mind. I am fond of Jesus, and I was delighted to get to make the decision! I chose cupcakes with frosting over the top of them so that they looked like a one layer cake, and they were decorated as a snowman. Yummy. :)

7. What is your favorite Christmas movie of all time?

A Muppet's Christmas Carol. What would Christmas be without that movie? And this is coming from someone who doesn't tend to watch movies!

8. Do you do your own Christmas baking and what's your favorite treat?

We don't have anything that's special to Christmas.

9. Fake or real tree?

Real. I love the smell it brings inside! :)

10. What day does the actual panic set in to get it all done?

I don't panic. At least, not over Christmas stuff.

11. Are you still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve?

Even though shopping is usually done before Christmas Eve in my household, there are usually some presents that get wrapped last minute.

12. What is your favorite family fun time at Christmas?

Opening presents. :) Not only is it fun to see what you've gotten, but it's also fun to see people unwrap what you've given them.

13. What Christmas craft do you like the best?

Um...I'm a crafty person, but I'm having a hard time bringing to mind anything that's specifically Christmas...does decorating the tree count?

14. Christmas music, yes or no? If yes, what is your favorite song?

Oh, I love Christmas music. But don't ask me my favorite song! That sort of changes, depending on when you ask you ask me.

15. When do you plan to finish all your shopping?

...good question... sometime before Christmas Eve...truthfully I don't even know what I'm getting everyone yet...

And now I get to tag five other people! Let's see, who do I want to tag?

Moonrat at Editorial Ass
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Hmm, three out of five are Pagan blogs!

You can also do this as a Yule Tag, or apply these questions to whatever winter holiday you celebrate. You could probably even change some questions if they don't apply to whatever holiday you celebrate! I'm just sticking to Christmas because I celebrate it with my interfaith family. :D


moonrat said...

thanks for the tag!

my favorite christmas movie of all time, by far (and i totally love christmas movies), is while you were sleeping. it's not even really a christams movie, because it starts on christmas day but is mostly the week after. but still. awesomeness.

Sarita said...

I haven't seen that one, actually.

And you're welcome. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think getting a birthday cake for Jesus is a great idea, LOL! And I forgive you for switching the spellings back to American English. To each their own, as they say.

Sarita said...