Sunday, December 6, 2009

Evening of music!

I need to wind down before going to bed....and I figure I may as well wind down by writing a blog post! :)

This evening my school choir did a Christmas show. It was fun, and I brought a friend. I also dragged my mom and brother along. :) There was one particular song we did that I love, and I've tried to find it on YouTube but I can't! So I can't share the song with you, but I can share the name: Hanukkah Remembrance. It is an absolutely amazing song.

Oh and guess what? I forgot to bring my music to the show. Yes, I have seriously been clueless and out if it recently. It went fairly well regardless of my forgetfulness.

Our plan had been to go to Pride of Portland's Christmas show after my choir's show was over, but our show took a little longer than I'd expected so that didn't happen. :(

I did get to see Pride (for short) last week, though. My choir was performing at The Grotto (an absolutely amazing Catholic place downtown) and Pride happened to be on just before us! That was cool. I wasn't able to see their whole performance, unfortunately, because of when my call time was. But I was able to see some of their show.

So...back to this evening!

We weren't able to see Pride's show, but my friend knew about another show. So we (minus mom and Tall One) went off to see it. Oh, it was fun. It started at 8, and I got home at midnight. lol Which was totally fine with me. I'm a night person! I'm happy at night! :) (Even if I probably use too many parentheses and stuff when I write blog posts late at night.)

There were three bands, one of which was Negara, which is a favorite band of this friend of mine. Let me tell you, I think they're now a favorite of mine, too. :) There was also belly dancing, and some of the dancers used swords as props. That was really cool. I sort of have this thing about swords.

When it got to the last band, I was sort of puzzling over the guy who was playing the bass. He looked familiar, and it took me a few minutes to decide that I definitely recognized him from Marylhurst. I talked to him after wards. He didn't recognize me, but that's fine. We've never actually talked before, and I only knew him by sight. It turns out that he's a professor who I'll be taking classes from in my second year!

By the way, this is a professor who should have been singing with my school choir this evening. He wasn't, though, because his voice wasn't doing too well.

But it was rather interesting to run into him this evening.

*cue singing*

It's a small world after all,
it's a small world after all,
it's a small world after all,
it's a small small world!

*end singing*

Ok...bedtime for me now! Especially if I don't want to continue to suffer from sleep deprivation.