Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Finals are over

My finals are over. I still need to do something for portfolio (which keeps track of the performances I attend, what songs I've learned, and that kind of thing) but other than that I'm through for the term.

I'd been afraid that I might not make it to school today, though. I got sick over the weekend, and was not feeling well yesterday. I was feeling especially bad last night, but then I felt better this morning. I'm pretty sure I'm not contagious anymore, and since I didn't feel like I was about to throw up I figured I should go ahead and go to school.

I did eat chicken noodle soup last night, and I brought some for lunch today.

By now I don't feel at all queasy, but I do feel tired. Really tired. But of course, I'm a night person so my body won't let me go to bed for another hour.

Which brings me to another topic...

On the way home I was talking to mom (she picks me up from school when I get out of classes in the evening) and I finally said something that I've been sort of thinking about recently: "In our culture it's expected that people will do early mornings. If you can't do early mornings, it's thought that there must be something wrong with you. Am I correct?" I sort of wanted a reality check, to make sure that I had things right. And sure enough, she said that I was right. (I'd been hoping I was wrong.)

The problem is, I have trouble with mornings. It's not just that I don't feel like doing them. Really, until the last couple weeks of the term when my mom started driving me to school, I would catch the bus at 6:16am every Tuesday and Thursday morning. I arrived at school not only promptly in time for class, but actually early. (I can thank the wonderful bus schedules for that.) However, it's taken a toll on me.

No, I'm not saying I can't do early mornings at all. But twice a week seems to be too much for me. I'm just a night person! No matter how tired or even sleep deprived I am, when it gets to about 9pm my body said "Ok, we are awake and you are going to be awake until at least midnight!" True, I can get to sleep at like 11, but I have to really fight every instinct in me to get to bed any earlier. I can do it sometimes, but on a regular basis is a bit much to ask, I've discovered. The result is sleep deprivation.

So I have to ask -- what about us night owls? Yeah, the early bird gets the worm, but some of us are just better off basking in the glory of the night rather than eating a nice juicy worm (yuck).

Next term I also have classes that are just as early in the morning. Fortunately mom has said that she'll drive me to school those mornings. That means that I can get up after 6:16am, rather than catching the bus at 6:16am. Believe me, I will handle this schedule much better.

And who knows, maybe my body will change its mind eventually and I'll find that I can cope with early early mornings more easily. But in the meantime, I simply cannot handle getting up at 5:30am or 5am regularly.

Are any of you night people? Have you run into trouble, or had inflexible schedules that demanded you get up too early multiple times a week? How did you cope? Or maybe vice versa -- are you morning people, but had schedules which demanded that you stay up late?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Being a night owl is often due to being a teenager. Scientific research actually backs this up. As you age, your body's circadian rhythms and need for sleep will shift and mornings will be easier for you. In the meantime, you just have to persevere!

I've tagged you for The Christmas Survey over at my blog today. (You can make it The Yule Survey instead!)