Saturday, December 12, 2009

A hypothetical situation

I have a "hypothetical" situation to present to you.

Suppose that two friends are hanging out together, and friend A has the car. They're hanging out someplace downtown, and they have to pay the parking meter. What else is new? So they pay the parking meter the maximum time, with every intention of feeding the meter more money (it's called "feeding the meter," right? I'm sort of unfamiliar with these terms) when the time runs out.

But they get sort of caught up in something, and sort of forget.

When they get back to the car they find that friend A has a parking ticket! Gee, what fun.

Friend B feels like she shares some responsibility for the ticket. Her reasoning is something along the lines of that friend A was giving her a ride, and that as such she should have been helping to remember to feed the meter. She wants to pay part of the ticket.

Friend A, however, says that she takes full responsibility and doesn't want friend B to help pay the ticket.

What do you think? Is friend B correct in feeling that she ought to help pay the ticket? I've already got the opinions of my mom and brother, but I want to see what others think about this.


Anonymous said...

I think Friend B should buy Friend A an extra little holiday gift.

Anne from TGAB

Dalesings said...

To me, what is important is that Friend B offered (appropriately) to share the cost of the ticket. Friend A's position is fine, as long as he/she expressed appreciation for Friend B's offer.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think Friend B is acting very responsibly in offering to pay half the ticket. Lots of people wouldn't. But Friend A has the right to choose whether or not to accept B's offer. If A wants to pay the whole thing, fine. The important thing is that B offered to pay half.

Sarita said...

Thanks for your input. :)