Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I'd like to share a story from the funeral. It's one that was shared by someone in the youth band that Joe Hewitt was so involved in. I won't get the exact wording, of course, but I'll attempt to share it how it was said.


I'm in the youth pipe band, and there was really only one time that Joe spoke to me directly. It was when we were all getting our uniforms together, and we had just gotten everything we needed. Joe was looking at our stuff, and he said "Everyone who doesn't have their shoes polished, go home and polish your shoes." I looked at all the shoes, and realized that only one pair weren't polished: my own.

I would like to tell you that I polished my shoes last night, in honor of Joe.


More than a few of us told this band member that we will always check to make sure that his shoes are polished. If his shoes aren't polished, he'll hear about it! :)

Another youth band member shared a letter that she had written to Joe when he was (I think) in hospice. It was all about what he'd taught her -- not just drumming, but also how to get up in front of people, and how encouraging he was. She had virtually everyone in tears. And those who weren't crying were definitely close to it, and having to hold back the tears.

Of course there were other stories, and not just from those in the piping community. In fact, I found out that he had this thing about model trains and about exploring old train yards. (His wife learned to always bring along a good book when they went out for car rides.) But it's through the piping community that I've known of him, and I have a special soft spot for the youth pipe band, so it's those from the youth pipe band who I remember in particular.

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