Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I got an iPod! OMG!!!! know, I'd meant to start out this post talking about what I gave people, rather than what I got, but...

OMG, I got an iPod!!!

I also got a gift card for the iTunes store, and a redeemable thingy to let me get the music from the CD Celtic Fire for my new iPod.

I am now the proud owner of an iPod! OMG!!!

Ok, lol I'll calm down now. Maybe. ;)

Figuring out what to get Tall One can be a little difficult. But at the same time, it's easy. It's hard because he wants practical stuff, but easy because I just figure out something that's useful or that he needs and buy it for him. For example, he requested that mom buy him a file cabinet for Christmas.

I wound up getting him something he could wear. It was a t-shirt with "I'm only wearing these because my kilt is in the wash" printed on it. That was my main gift for him. The second gift (which I got him for in case this one wasn't delivered in time) was a collapsible box. As I said, he wants practical presents.

I hadn't been sure what I was going to get mom, but I found something that looked pretty good when I was browsing around the jewelry section at a Fred Meyers. It's a pendant, and I forget the exact wording but it says something like "A mothers love is open arms."

But when it came to my dad, I was utterly clueless about what to get him. I eventually asked mom what to get him, and she said that a CD would probably be good. I wound up buying him a Celtic CD that I would have liked for myself. Not only that, but it was on sale! Only $6.99. Or something like that, anyways. Unfortunately I forgot to take the price tag off before wrapping it...

Lastly, I want to share a conversation we had last night:

Me: Mom, since I still believe in Santa, does that mean I'll get something from him?

Mom: I suspect that Santa will leave an unwrapped present under the tree this year.

Me: [looking at the unwrapped chocolates under the tree that I bought] Something in addition to that.

Mom: Yes, I think Santa will bring something else.

Tall One: [to me] Wait, you still believe in Santa?

Me: Well, yeah. So long as I believe in Santa, he'll [pointing at mom] bring me presents.

Tall One: [to mom] This is the political side of religion! "I believe in such and such because I get something out of it!"

Well, I believe in Santa, and he still brings me presents. What's wrong with that? :]

Merry Christmas everyone!