Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mom's birthday

Today is mom's birthday. And I have a confession. Well, two confessions, really.

The first confession is how I learned the date of her birthday several years ago. I could remember my brother's birthday, but I would always have trouble remembering exactly when my mom's birthday is in December. (Truthfully I still have trouble remembering my dad's birthday, and I often get it mixed up with my parent's anniversary.) What finally got me to remember the date of my mom's birth was one of the Lord of the Rings movies.

For a while I was one of those die-hard Lord of the Rings fans, and a crazy Legolas fan girl. So of course when "Return of the King" came out I was eagerly anticipating it, and had its date memorized: December 17th. So I have a movie to thank for helping me to remember the date of my mother's birth.

Am I a bad daughter or what? lol

My second confession is that I wasn't sure what to get for mom's birthday, and by the time I ordered her gift it didn't have time to get her for her birthday. The photo of the earrings I bought is to the right. By the way, I have a pair that are identical to this, and I think she gave them to me last Christmas.

After I named my cat Kokopelli (I call him Kokopelle but it's actually Kokopelli, which was my mom's second idea for his name) certain members of my family decided it would be cute to give me Kokopelli earrings. Apparently my mom has finally decided that she wants in on the fun, and wants Kokopelli earrings for herself.

Obviously mom isn't getting the Kokopelli earrings today, since they're still in the mail. So I made her a pair of earrings this afternoon. I think she likes them. :)

She also got earrings from dad, and Tall One gave her a CD that she'd requested. Actually, she'd requested one particular song, and giving her the CD with a bunch of songs is just the easy way to give her the song she wanted.

Tall One made lemon cake for mom, and did something special with the store bought icing so that it tasted extra yummy. He is a really good cook.

As I type this post mom's new CD is playing, she is knitting, and Tall One is doing maintenance work on his bagpipe. I hadn't known this before he picked up piping, but the pipes take a lot of TLC to work properly!

And no, mom is not freaking out about getting older. It seems weird to me when people freak out over birthdays. I hope I'll always have my mom's attitude when I get to middle age. To paraphrase her, "I earned each of my white hairs, and I'm proud of them!"


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those are great Kokopelli earrings. I'm sure your Mom will love them.

Magaly Guerrero said...

That is too funny about the movie date and using it to learn your mom's birthday. And no, you are not a bad daughter, you are a resourceful one. And wow! I love the earrings!

Sarita said...


Mom will definitely love them, since she went on and pointed to two Kokopelli earrings, and said that she would love either one of them. These were the pair I settled on.