Thursday, December 31, 2009

More on snow

The weather cleared up enough that I was able to go to work yesterday. Of course, when I got to work, we all shared horror stories of the previous day. Speaking of horror stories, there's one crazy guy I didn't talk about yesterday.

At one point a bus I was on spent about ten or fifteen minutes going up a hill, sliding back, going up, sliding back, going up, sliding back, etc. (While this was happening I started wishing that we had seat belts, something which I usually don't care about the lack of on buses.) There was a van that was parked at the curb, next to us. As the bus driver was trying to get up the hill, and kept sliding back down the hill, someone calmly walked over to the van and got in. He took his time about it, too. I was looking at him and thinking "You idiot! You know, buses do slide sideways occasionally, and if that happens you are in trouble big time!" I don't normally call people idiots, but with what this guy was doing, I couldn't help but think it. At the very least he could have gotten in on the passenger side and crawled over to the drivers seat.

And as it happened, a several blocks later our bus did slide sideways into the curb. That was when the bus driver decided to sit put until chains were brought to us, and I got to wait in the bus for two hours.

Why don't the buses all carry chains? Of course, snow wasn't in the forecast, so...

And guess what I learned about yesterday, on my way to work? There are snow "chains" for shoes. The guy who was wearing them says that he has never slid while wearing them. I hope they aren't too pricey, because I think I want some of those for myself.

Oh yes, and someone complimented me on my snow boots, which took me by surprise because I'd thought they looked clunky.

The snow seems to be all gone in my neighborhood, except for the snowman in our backyard (and probably snowmen elsewhere). I wonder when it'll come again. Hmm, maybe we'll get some snow on the first day of the new secular year? It's not in the forecast, but neither was Tuesday's snow!

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