Saturday, December 26, 2009

My new iPod :]

Yesterday I was playing a game with mom and Tall One, and at the same time was sort of half listening to music on my iPod. In particular I was listening to a CD I'd bought from iTunes Store that is by Heather Alexander.

You know how sometimes you can be only half listening to music, then suddenly some lyrics jump out at you? This happened to me, and what I heard was:

"She strips off all her armor,
removes her dress of mail-

Try hard not to stare because you took the dare,
to drink Brannigan's Special Ale!"

I was rather startled. I commented "Wait a minute, this song is suddenly talking about women undressing... Apparently the moral of the story is to not drink someone's special ale?" Of course, mom and Tall One gave me this weird look. Tall One also decided on the spot that he doesn't want to listen to my music, though mom did comment "Hey, the lyrics could be about an innocent situation." I doubted that, but I didn't argue.

After the game I looked up the lyrics to the song, because I wanted to know exactly what was going on in it. I found them here, and am still trying to figure out exactly what the song is about. lol It's an odd one.

Here are a couple photos of my iPod. Tall One's idea had been to have it engraved with "tree hugging dirt worshiper," but that was too many letters. So he went with this instead. :) I like it.

In addition to Heather Alexander's CD I also got one of Heather Dale's CD's. They're both singers who I fell in love with on YouTube, so I am delighted to finally have CD's of theirs.

I also discovered a new song of Heather Dale's which I am in love with, and would like to share here. And no, it doesn't have any lyrics about women undressing!


Harriet Schwartz said...

Hello Sarita,

Thanks for your wishes! And thanks for keeping up with The Encouragement Lounge! If you ever have ideas for a post, anything you'd like me to address... please let me know. Enjoy your new iPod!!!!

Sarita said... commented on this post. I thought you commented on my other post but that I had deleted it, so I replied to you on the other post... I also replied on your own blog. :)