Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This and that

I think I'll be rambling about a few different topics, so I'm gonna do this post slightly different from my usual posts.


I usually don't watch movies, but I've seen Star Trek 2009 three times in the last several weeks. Or wait, is that four? No, that would be three (or two) and a half, since I only watched half of it last night, and will probably finish watching it this evening.

Anyways...I'll get to the point. Or try to. :] And don't worry, I'll only talk about the first ten minutes of the movie, so I won't exactly give anything away if you haven't seen it yet.

In the very first few minutes of the movie, we see how Jim Kirk is born. It always makes me cry. You see, his father is the first officer of a ship, and it is under attack. The only way for everyone to survive is for the ship to be on auto-pilot so that it'll fight off the enemy while everyone gets away in escape pods.

Except, the auto-pilot has died.

The captain has also died, so that leaves the first officer -- Jim Kirk's father -- as the one who has to stay behind and fight off the bad guys while everyone else makes their getaway. And as I mentioned, little Jim is born at this time.

The scenes flash back and forth between the father fighting off the enemy, and knowingly going to his own death, and the birth of his son (which by the way is not at all graphic, there's no blood or anything). So you have death and life, both at the same time. The father is dying, and the son is being born. This got me to thinking about the time of year, and the circle of life.

The sun has just been reborn, but where I live we're just heading into the time of year when everything is finally dead for sure. So, in a way it's life and death at the same time.

Then there's also comparing and contrasting between the northern and southern hemispheres. Up north we're celebrating the rebirth of the sun, but in the southern hemisphere they're now watching the sun slowly leave them.

Just some musings I've had on the latest movie I watched. :)

Also, for those who've already seen the movie, you might want to see the gag reel if you haven't already:


My hand started hurting last night. I was not amused. At least it was my hand that felt like this and not my foot. If my foot had been hurting this badly, I wouldn't be walking even with a cane.

Fortunately it only hurts if I do certain things with it, such as grasping or pushing, so it doesn't hurt unless I move it wrong. That is such a relief. And, it's getting slightly better. I think.

I suspect I know what caused it. Last night I was an usher, and I got to tear a bunch of tickets in half. Maybe that was the problem. Anyways, I know that my hand started hurting just a few hours later.

And at least I don't have to go into work until Monday. I'm not sure what I would be able to do at work with my hand like this.


As I think I mentioned before, during the interview for my job it was made very clear that the work is tedious and boring. But guess what? It's not.

I like doing things like needlework and spinning yarn. You know, working with the hands. I'm now finding that putting together packets and that kind of thing puts me in the same mind frame. So, it's really not boring at all! What a relief. :)


I've heard about going "no poo" (that is, not using shampoo or condition), and I'm curious about it. I got a recipe for the stuff I would use instead here, and am trying it out. The prospect of my hair not getting oily even if I don't wash it every couple of days is very appealing. Of course, it's gotten rather weird in the meantime, but hopefully that'll pass.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think the new Star Trek movie is great too. I saw it twice. I hope your hand gets better in time for all that gift unwrapping in just a few short hours now!

Sarita said...

I think I could unwrap gifts with one hand. Oh, wait, if they're in boxes I might have trouble with that...I'll manage, somehow. :)

I'm actually able to do more than I had thought I could at first today. I volunteered pulling holds at the library, and have been able to do other things. Of course there are some things I can't do, but there's still plenty that I can do.