Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Choir and randomness

Again I'm just taking a break from homework, so I'll try to keep this brief. (Or anyways, I won't spend too much time double checking my spelling and grammar or finding a way to get rid of the pesky parentheses that I'm too fond of using.)

I'm having fun in choir at school. We're working on Vivaldi's Gloria songs, and I've never really sung anything like them before. Truthfully, I don't know completely what they're about. I'm pretty sure they're Christian, but beyond that I'm clueless.

I sing soprano, and the director has us sopranos right in front of the basses, which has me happy. I love love love those deep notes! And to have those right behind me, oh that's great. I loved that in my Barbershop chorus (which has women who can go pretty darn low), and I love it here.

Music music music! Being a music major is fun. (When the work isn't driving me crazy.)

By the way, mom declared this evening that I can't move out. Her reasoning is that if I move out, there won't be anyone to clean the kitty box.

After I finished rolling my eyes over this she and Tall One eventually came to the agreement (or she decided) that, based on the two cats who would be left behind and who they like and their sizes, she can clean 3/4 of the kitty box, and Tall One can clean 1/4 of it.

Ok, I guess that now I should get back to working on my essay...fun fun fun...wish me luck!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I just adore Vivaldi's Gloria! It's one of my favourite choral works. I especially love the opening chorus -- it is so stirring and brilliant! And yes, the words are ultra-Christian -- it's one long hymn of praise to the Father and the Son, with just a little nod to the Holy Spirit right at the end. But even so, there's something about Latin that sounds so magnificent when sung!

Sarita said...

We just started working on the first part of it yesterday. It will be so much fun to perform.