Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lousy health care

Sorry, I have to rant about health care.

I have good health care. I'm lucky. My mom has a good job, and through it we have good health care coverage. But I know that not everyone is so lucky, and I really think about it when I go to see the doctor, and I start comparing prices.

Here's what we're paying for my doctor's visit last week:

To see the doctor: $20
Prescription for sprained foot: $15
X-ray of foot: $15
Regular lab work: $15

I paid $65 for my doctor's visit. Today we got a bill in the mail that includes the info of what we're paying, and how much our insurance is covering. I found out that if we didn't have our health care we would have had to pay:

X-ray of foot: $72
Regular lab work: $128

Someone without health care (and who would probably have less money than my family does) would have to pay $200, PLUS whatever it cost to see the doctor and get the prescription, assuming that they didn't decide to just take Advil for the sprained foot.

And on top of that, what if they spent big bucks on the medication only to have a bad reaction to it like I did, and wound up unable to use it? That would have been really frustrating. To me losing the $15 was just a nuisance.

So how come people who have the money for health care don't have to pay much, while those with less money than us are expected to spend money that even families like mine might have trouble with?

I am not happy with the state of things.


Lyon said...

*smiles and hugs* I love those a-ha moments. You have the thrust of it, my friend!

There's a lot of people who take a lot of advil for a lot of things they probably shouldn't, but they don't really have a lot of a choice.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's crazy, isn't it?

Sarita said...

Oh yes it is crazy.

I first started thinking about it this way when I went to ER a few years back with a concussion..that was what really opened my eyes, that and a classmate who was talking about how her kids were sick, that at least one of them needed to see the doctor, and that she ddin't know where she was going to get the money.

But I keep telling myself that things will be different in a few years!

Sarita said...

By the way, I also don't have any choice but to take Advil, but that's because the medication I got doesn't like me. :(

~*~Aria~*~ said...

Funny that you post this. I received the first of 6 bills I'll be receiving in the mail for two trips to a Doctor and two ER trips. My first bill is $1,800. I am one of the people without health insurance because I am self employed.

Thankfully, the clinic I go to has a system to help the uninsured and the hospital my Doctor sent me to has a charity system. Should I get denied state assistance, they'll step up.

I just stared at my bill for a while, $1,300 for some pictures of my brain? Really?

It boggles my mind that my friend (who moved to Germany a few years back) has full health coverage just because she lives in Germany, but for me to get covered in a supposedly "better" country would be $700/month. I feel like we have a long, long way to go.

Sarita said...

:( Good luck! I'm glad that the clinic you go to will help you.

EyesToTheSkye said...

I hope that in a few years, things will be different. My mom also works a good job that offers health care, but my step-dad passed away in 08, and since then she hasn't been able to afford it. I am over my eyeballs in medical bills, and you're right, it's crazy what they expect you to pay. I had a kidney stone, and there's assistance you can sign up for at my local hospital. I'm a full time student, and have a job, so I figured Id get approved. I did, but then 6 months later, I got a bill for $2500 in the mail, because they changed their minds, I guess. And now that person is fired and I am going through a lot of red tape. This is a long comment, but the point is, you're right! haha

Sarita said...

Long comments are fine.

Good luck getting through the red tape!