Saturday, January 2, 2010

"No poo" seems to be a popular topic?

Judging from the comments I've gotten it seems that the topic of going no poo isn't as boring to my followers as I had feared it would be. As such, I will talk about it without worry! :)

One of my friends shared this link and this other link, both of which are threads about going no poo. I took notes while I was reading, and figured that I may as well share the notes here. The interesting thing is that some of the advice is sort of contradictory in places.

By the way, I'm pretty sure that the advice comes from people who have found that it works for them, but I'm not 100% sure that all of it is good.

~ A brown sugar scrub is very good.

~ Lightly oil ends of hair with jojoba oil or coconut oil if they tend to dry out.

~ From a hair stylist -- wet hair stretches, then shrinks as it dries.

[I need to remember this, which is why I made a note of it. I like to throw my hair up in a knot on the back of my head while it's still damp!]

~ Apparently nettle tea can be used on hair? There weren't really details on this.

~ A conditioner that was suggested for when hair is damaged or frizzy: 1/2 avocado, and 2 tablespoons yogurt. Let it set on hair for 10 minutes to 1 hour.

~ Someone uses vegetable laundry soap that is well diluted, and it works really well for them.

~ From a hair dresser -- Acidic rinses such as vinegar can be highly damaging.

[Someone else said that vinegar rinses are really really good, and I have noticed that it is what is most often recommended. Maybe the hair dresser was referring to undiluted vinegar, which I haven't seen recommended?]

~ The baking soda and vinegar treatment should be only once in a while, not all the time.

[From my readings online, I've had the impression that the baking soda was supposed to be used frequently.]

~ If hair looks oily, brush it with a little lemon juice and a natural bristle brush.

~ One hundred strokes with a brush before bed helps to disperse oil.

~ Someone uses rosemary essential oil on the ends of their hair.

There wasn't any specific info on the brown sugar scrub which is a substitute for shampoo, so I did a Google search, and found one specific and two vague ways of using and/or making it.

~ Mix brown sugar and shea butter. After using this on your hair, apply olive oil to it and wrap your hair for one hour.

~ Brown sugar and conditioner. (I think you're supposed to mix them.)

~ Mix brown sugar and honey.

I'm sort of interested in possibly using a brown sugar scrub, and one or two of the other things suggested.

My hair is really long, and I can tell you that not having to wash it as often will be really nice, especially once school starts. I know I already said this, but I'm saying it again! :)


Maureen said...

I just got out of the military and have had to put my hair in a tight bun for the past four years with lots of gel and hair spray. My hair is damaged to hell! I will defenitly do that avacado and yogurt thing. Thanks for sharing!

Sarita said...

You're welcome!

Having to have your hair up in a tight bun doesn't surprise me, but having to use lots of gel and hair spray? Is that only required if your hair is frizzy or whatever?

I'd love to hear how the avocado and yogurt thing works for you, by the way. :)

Maureen said...

The gel and hairspray is a must! I was in the Marines and we are all about perfection. I was very particular about my hair. No frizz. No fly aways. Straight slick back. My but would be hard as a rock. But it looked good. I had the best bun in the unit. ;P Plus, it's the best way to keep everything up. You'd throw it up, gel and spray it, take out the bobby pins, and it would stay up on its own (bobby pins and hair ties can not be visible when your hair is up in uniform).

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hm... I guess my hair's natural oils will stay on my scalp, you can't brush this mess I have for hair while is dry lol.

Sarita said...

I have a friend who has really curly hair. It was acting up one day recently and I offered to let her use my hair brush. That was when I learned that people with curly hair won't let a brush anywhere near it while it's dry. I was quite surprised to hear what it does if you brush it while it's dry.

Sadako said...

I've heard no poo is good for your hair but I'm one of those who can't go a day without washing her hair. I'm a little OCD...