Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Page 5 of 4

I'll try to write this quickly, since I do need to get to sleep at a semi-reasonable time. Which isn't so easy, since I'm a night owl! So please forgive any grammatical mistakes.

You may (or may not) remember that last term one of my syllabi had a Page 5 of 4. To the amusement of my classmates and me, this happened again with the same professor today. The professor was also laughing at it, and he thinks he knows how it happened. Something an extra page being added, I think?

Anyways, my classes so far are pretty good. All of my classes today were basically the same thing as last term (just up another level) and were mostly full of the same students as last term. I have another class tomorrow that probably won't be full of fellow students I already know.

By the way -- I'm still wandering around with a cane due to my hurt foot, and my hands are now bothering me. I'm making a doctor's appointment. Actually, to make sure that I actually do it tonight, I'll stop writing this post and not continue until I've gone on the Kaiser website and requested an appointment.

*pretend that I've disappeared for a few minutes*

I'm back! I've requested an appointment online. Goody. That's done.

Today is the Epiphany! The day that the Three Wise Men give people presents! Or anyways, they give people in my household presents. We left shoes out on the table last night, and this morning there were some goodies in (or on) the shoes. To the left is a photo of the loot I got. I got chocolate, and yes, those are a pair of socks you see. You may remember that in my family we've sort of established a tradition of getting socks as presents in the holiday season.

I'd also like to share the latest antics of our resident princess. In case you're wondering, the princess is Saphira, the feline that my dad belongs to. So, on to the antics!

Mom wanted ham with dinner, and she cooked it on the stove. She turned her back for a minute or less, and next thing she knew Saphira was trying to steal it out of the pan while it was cooking. Naturally mom didn't let her, and explained to her that she could burn herself that way. Saphira didn't particularly care about mom's concern for her health.

Then mom left one piece of ham on the stove when we sat down to dinner. The photo I share here of the ham roughly 2 or 3 feet away from the pan it was cooked in tells the rest of the story.

I would like to share one last thing, and then I am done rambling on here for now.

Last term I was having trouble keeping track of what assignment was due in what class (two of the classes blurred together, and I frequently would only check one of the syllabi as a result) (not that that was my only problem...). So now I have a handy dandy little day planner! It was like $17, but I think it'll be totally worth every penny.

I have written out every assignment of every class that I have a syllabus for. In the process I came up with shorthand for a few things, such as accomp for accompaniment. Then I came to circle of fifths. It doesn't get mentioned often in the syllabi, but I didn't feel like writing it out when it was mentioned. So...I came up with a cute little symbol for it! I'm quite happy with myself, and I would like to share it here!

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you *drumroll please* a new way of writing circle of fifths!!!


Ok, that's it for now. :D


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, that little Saphira is a cunning thief! That piece of ham looks to me like it's been gnawed on, too.

Maureen said...

I love the circle of fifths symbol. I'm so glad I'm done with military music and odn't have to deal with that stuff any more. :p

Sarita said...

Oh yes, Saphira did chew on the ham! Then mom gave her even more.