Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wrinkles and gray hair

You know how there are creams and stuff to use on skin to "take years off your age"? Well, guess what? I just found something to "take years off your age" that is supposed to be used on hair. And, this has triggered a rant that has been brewing for some time.

What is wrong with aging? It's something that is normal and natural. Why are people in our society so afraid of growing old? Why is it wrong to mention that someone is getting middle aged or elderly, when it's perfectly acceptable to mention that someone is in their twenties?

When I once mentioned someone's age (their age started with a four, if I remember correctly), why did someone say "Ew, and you kiss your mom with the mouth that said that number?" Like I had just said something that should never be said.

Why? Really, what's wrong with getting a few wrinkles and gray hairs? As my mom says, "I earned each of these gray hairs, and I'm proud of them." Why can't more people have that attitude, rather than fearing the day the wrinkles begin to appear?

Why do some people celebrate their thirtieth birthday for ten years straight, rather than acknowledging that they're growing a year older each year?

What's wrong with growing older? Nothing. That's right, nothing is wrong with aging.

Ok, my rant is over. For now.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Rant on, Sarita, rant on! You're absolutely right. Our culture worships youth, fears death and oppresses those who age. Wise people wise up.

Lyon said...

Well...there are a lot of reasons. And ultimately it's all too long to type in a reply but. I agree with you that we should be proud of our ages and everything we've been through that got us there. However, I'm also 31 and while that's still arguably quite young, I also am starting to begin the pressures that come from the outside to stay looking "young" and some of the inner turmoil or anxiety that advances due to realizing hey...I'm grown up now. And all the things that means. I doubt this makes very much sense, I'm sorry I couldn't do this topic more justice. But there you are anyway. ;-) Maybe this will be a blog post some time in the future for me.

Sarita said...

Yeah, I'm familiar with the reasons, and even though I understand them they don't seem real to me.

And yeah, it's difficult to do the topic justice in a comment on a blog. I suspect it's difficult to do it justice in one blog post, unless you're really really good with words.